Instructor training programme

Spòrs Gàidhlig will be recruiting two trainee instructors to start in September 2018. The recruitment process will begin in Spring 2018.  

Fluency in Gaelic is the most important thing for us when considering who to appoint to these positions. 

The instructor training programme aims to create new, Gaelic speaking, instructors, capable of delivering various activities to young people. The programme’s objective is to create instructors for Spòrs Gàidhlig. It is not a general workforce development programme.  

We provide an attractive package that includes a training programme at Glenmore Lodge, accommodation at Glenmore Lodge, salary and instructor equipment. In return, we expect trainees to be self-starting and able to manage their own time effectively so that they gain the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to lead activities.  

There are four main components of the instructor training programme:

  1. Formal training courses at Glenmore Lodge and with other providers. 
  2. Placements in schools, outdoor centres and other organisations. 
  3. Experience acquisition.  
  4. Support work in Glenmore Lodge stores.

The programme includes courses such as Summer Mountain Leader Training, UK Mountain Bike Leader Scheme, National Navigation Award Scheme, Single Pitch Award, First Aid course, Snowsport Scotland Ski Instructor, Gorge-Ghyll Leader, Orienteering and Category D1 driving.  

If you are interested in this programme, you should examine the pre-requisites for the above awards and decide if you would be able to successfully pass the courses. For example, for the Summer Mountain Leader, you will need 20 quality mountain days before you can undertake the training. It is critical that any candidates understand the training awards involved in our Instructor Training Programme.  

Anyone interested in the Instructor Training Programme should send their CV to