Micro Adventures

Overnight Micro Adventures are a great way for young people to experience sleeping outside, nature, the Gaelic language and learn new skills such as how to cook outside and leave no trace. It’s environmentally sound, educational and lots of fun. 

Our Overnight Micro Adventures involve walking a short distance to our wild camp site, set up camp, cook our food, take part in a small cèilidh and sleep the night in a hammock. Our professional instructors accompany and lead the group at all times and ensure that everyone is well fed, safe and can get a good night sleep. In the morning we can have a shower at our base and head home having had a new experience with friends. 

Each adventure is suitable for children 9+ and parents are welcome to accompany their children if they prefer. Parents do not need to attend though and our instructors lead the group at all times. 

A typical adventure includes the following:

  • Professional instruction and supervision
  • All equipment
  • Dinner and breakfast
  • A night in a hammock
  • Access to showers in the morning if desired

Every participant can learn on our micro adventures with core camping skills, top tips and how they can spend the night in the forest:

  • Ropes and knots
  • Setting up a hammock or tent
  • Outdoor cooking
  • Leave no trace approach
  • Navigation skills and using maps
  • New vocabulary

These adventures are aimed at young people and designed to provide an outdoor, fun and safe experience in a defined time frame that works for school and families.