Gorge Scrambling

Available from June 2018

Gorge Walking is a fun, challenging activity which brings a smile to everyone’s face. It also allows skills which are not apparent in the classroom to become more obvious in a new and exciting environment. 

We deliver gorge scrambling throughout Scotland and can come to your area.  

We have the equipment, professional instructors and everything else required for a fun, challenging and safe adventure. 

  • Available throughout scotland
  • Fun and challenging for each age. 
  • Minimun age = 8
  • Equipment provided

Jumping, swimming and climbing up a gorge; it’s all part of gorge scambling. Overall it’s an exciting experience in a gorge with friends and professional instructors. 

There are gorges all over Scotland we can come to you. 

For dates and prices, contact us at fios@spors.scot