Mapland Alba

Learn about Scotland, our geography, our history and many other things using the largest map of Scotland in existance! Mapland Scotland is a giant jigsaw map with topographical detail, and is completely walkover. It is made of 180 lightweight plastic jigsaw pieces and has a total size of 10.8 m by 7.6 m, plus  2.5 m by 1.6 m for Shetland.

We can deliver educational workshops on many subjects such as map reading, scale, symbols, contours, geography, transport links, place-names and heritage, political structures and many others. We have lessons which are linked to the Curriculum for Excellence or which are just for fun (whilst still learning lots!).  

Or we can send you the map and you can use it for your own learning activities. 

Mapland is the largest map of Scotland ever produced! It is printed with Ordnance Survey topographical maps at the 1:50,000 scale (Landranger series) in large jigsaw pieces covering the whole of Scotland – including all the islands. Islands such as St Kilda are in their correct locations and not as insets.

The jigsaw pieces are made of lightweight plastic of dimensions 0.7 m by 1 m. There are 180 jigsaw pieces making up Mapland Scotland.

Space requirements: a flat indoor surface (preferably a hard floor) of dimensions 11 m by 8 m, plus another 2.5 m by 1.7 m for Shetland. This is approximately the size of a badminton court and Mapland is suitable for setting up in school and village halls, sports and exhibition centres. If the hall/venue  is needed for other uses, e.g. for school dinners, Mapland can be quickly disassembled and stacked in jigsaw piles at the side of the hall; this takes about 15mins.

Remember, we can do all of this in Gaelic, English or in a bilingual setting allowing learners to increase their knowledge of Gaelic in a supportive setting.