How we use Gaelic

Spòrs Gàidhlig is able to deliver activities in Gaelic or English.  We are fully bilingual and experienced in working with schools and youth groups.  We can tailor your experience for your needs. 

Schools with no Gaelic – the majority of schools do not offer Gaelic as a subject or a medium to learn. We can offer activities and programmes which fit the needs of schools and introduce the language to young people. Before you come, we can help you introduce the language through our dedicated education resources. An introduction to Gaelic could be as simple as a few phrases and landscape terms with the rest concentrating on the activities themselves. Introducing Gaelic works well with topics such as Scottish history, geography, languages, land issues and environmental subjects.  

Gaelic learners – We can help support your learners by offering our activities at a level appropriate to learners of Gaelic. Our activities and programmes can be tailored to meet the needs of primary school learning and secondary. We are able to adjust the level of Gaelic  for the group and will discuss how this is done prior to the activity taking place.  

Learners are often highly motivated but lack opportunity to use the language. We can offer exciting, safe and educational setting to develop Gaelic understanding and facility.  

Gaelic speakers – We can offer all of our activities through the medium of Gaelic. We have long experience in working with schools where Gaelic is used as the main language. This includes primary and secondary education. We understand how to encourage young people to use Gaelic and support them with vocabularly and use of the language. Working with Spòrs Gàidhlig will mean that Gaelic is anchored in positive and exciting activities.