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Spòrs Gàidhlig and COVID-19

Spòrs Gàidhlig will follow all advice issued by the Scottish Government with regards to gatherings of people, camps and events.  We also work closely with schools and local authorities and will ensure we follow their advice. 


At the current moment, we are not deliverying activities or offering Gaelic residentials. This will remain the situation until at least the 13th of June we think. We are still open and working from home and you can contact us at and through our Facebook page.  


If schools close or the Government issues advice and direction against public gatherings, we will follow that advice. 


We still hope that our summer camps programme will go ahead (Campa Sradagan x2 and Campa Fhèis Spòrs) although at this moment, we can't be sure. There are still places available on all of these camps and more and we will refund in full any fees paid if the events do not take place.  


In the meantime, we do understand the concern of children, parents, schools and communities. We must all work together in this situation and we will update this page. our Facebook page and our Twitter feed as the situation develops. 


Take care and look after everyone!


Residentials and camps at Glenmore Lodge near Aviemore

Our residential programme offers young people and schools the opportunity to take part in a varied programme through the medium of Gaelic. Activities include gorge scrambling, climbing, nature walks, team challenges, stand-up paddle boarding, overnight expeditions as well as cultural visits. All of these are exciting and engaging and we can link them to in-school learning if required.


These unique programmes are designed for schools offering Gaelic medium education and for Gaelic learners. We can also cater for mixed groups where education is offered in both English and Gaelic. 

We run our residential programme from Glenmore Lodge, Scotland's National Training Centre near Aviemore. The Lodge is 1/2 mile from Loch Morlich, set in a pine forest environment with the mountains on our doorstep. 


Glenmore Lodge offers first class facilities, comfortable accommodation with en-suite rooms and excellent food, all set in the cradle of the Northern Cairngorms. All rooms are en-suite and access by use of key cards. The East Wing is entirely independent of the rest of facility and can be used for dedicated school groups. With facilities such as a lecture theatre, climbing wall, dry ski slope, pond for rafting and excellent food, you can be assured that your group will be very comfrtable during their stay. 

Prìsean ¦ Prices

Cost per participant


3 nights (4 activity days)


Mon - Thu or Tues - Fri

4 nights (5 activity days)


Mon - Fri

Pond GML

Further information about the facilities and accommodation at Glenmore Lodge, can be found here: and here:


Cinn-là ¦ Dates

Comas ¦ Capacity

Sgoilearan + luchd-taice/tidsearan

Fiosrachadh ¦ Information
Fosgailte ¦ Open for bookings Glèidhichte ¦ Reserved Ri dhearbhadh ¦ To be confirmed
6 – 10 April (Whole of East Wing) 10+2  
4 – 7 May 30+3

Bun-sgoil Bhogh Mòr (8+1)

Cothrom air 20 sgoilear eile!

8 – 11 June  30+3 AS Uallais, Greenfaulds, Cille Mhearnaig
22 – 26 June  30+3 Àrd-sgoil Sheumais Ghilleasbuig
20 - 24 July  20+4 Campa Fhèis-spòrs
10 – 14 August  30+3  
31 August – 4 September  30+3  
14 – 18 September 15+4 Bun-sgoil Ghàidhlig Ghleann Dàil
19 – 23 October  30+3  
2 – 5 November 30+3  
23 – 27 November 30+3  


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