Spòrs at local fèisean

Spòrs Gàidhlig, with support from Bòrd na Gàidhlig and Fèisean nan Gàidheal, will be offering exciting activities to local fèis groups at a hugely discounted price. We are able to offer all of our activitites at 75% off the standard rate!

We come to you during your normal fèis dates and deliver our activities with our professional instructors and equipment. It’s an all inclusive package.

Fèis-spòrs is a new initiative in partnership with Fèisean nan Gàidheal. Your local Fèis participants can access exciting outdoor activities in Gaelic and for learners at a reduced rate of 25% of the normal cost! E.g. instead of paying £45/participant for a Gorge Scrambling session, it costs £11.25 which is excellent value. Please contact us for more information.

Claiseachd aig Drochaid Bhruthainn

We are also offering an new Fèis-spòrs camp which will combine the best of music tuition and development with an exciting programme of outdoor activities. You can book online at our website at www.spors.scot

To contact us to discuss any of these opportunities or get more information, please us 01463-234138 or fios@spors.scot

Cur-seachad – Activity Prìs àbhaisteach Standard price LasachadhDiscount Prìs do na fèiseanPrice for local fèisean
Sgitheadh – SkiingPer person (inc instruction, equipment, lift pass) £65.00 75% £16.25
Sligheadaireachd – Orienteering Per group (up to 30 participants) £300.00 75% £75.00
Comas Choille – BushcraftPer group (up to 30 participants) £300.00 75% £75.00
Mapland Alba – Largest Map of Scotland   Per group (up to 30 participants in each session. Multiple sessions possible) £300.00 75% £75.00
Meanbh-chuairtean – Micro AdventuresPer person (inc instruction, equipment) £45.00 75% £11.25
Coiseachd/cuairt – Mountain walk/ expeditionPer group (up to 20 participants) £300.00 75% £75.00
Claiseachd – Gorge ScramblingPer person (inc instruction, equipment) £45.00 75% £11.25
Sreap – Climbing Per person (inc instruction, equipment) £45.00 75% £11.25
Bòrd-seasaimh – Paddle Boarding Per person (inc instruction, equipment) £45.00 75% £11.25 
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