Instructor training programme & training bursaries

Our full-time, residential instructor training programme takes place on an occassional basis. Currently there are no opportunities available on this programme. 

We also offer training bursaries for those who would like to work with young people, through the medium of Gaelic, and require support to gain the relevant qualifications. 

Fluency in Gaelic is a required to take advantage of the above opportunities. 

Both of these programmes aim to create new, Gaelic speaking, instructors, capable of delivering various activities to young people. The programmes’ objective is to create instructors for Spòrs Gàidhlig. It is not a general workforce development programme although individuals are free to work for other organisations also. 

Anyone interested in the Instructor Training Programme or a training bursary should send their CV to 

Gaelic Outdoor Education launch, Glenmore Lodge.