Safety Management

Safety and wellbeing is at the heart of our activities, our staff and our culture. We are licensed by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (licence L14127 and organisation R2469) and our instructors are professionally trained to deliver each activity. We are insured by AIM (Activities Industry Mutual). We operate a safety management system with our standard operating procedures, risk assessments and staff management procedures guiding everything we do. We also maintain an up to date venue guide that allows us to operate throughout Scotland. Each activity has a defined ratio of instructor/leader to participants and these vary depending on the activity itself, the group and the prevailing conditions. Our safeguaring procedures are robust and we undertake child protection training on a regular basis. Our pastoral care is excellent and we are experienced in supporting young people in new environments. All of our staff are members of the PVG scheme (Protectional of Vulnerable Groups, the new “disclosure” scheme).

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