Spòrs Gàidhlig agus COVID-19

Spòrs Gàidhlig – Update on COVID-19 operating procedures and guidance

We are following the latest guidance from Sport Scotland, a Scottish Government body, which can be found here.

Our actions:

  • Appoint a “COVID-19” Officer (Donald Morris)
  • Appoint a “Return to sport” Officer (Donald Morris)
  • Sanitise all equipment before each activity session
  • No indoor activities until schools are welcoming third party organisations
  • Ensure that the organisation has appropriate processes in place to document risk assessments and that all appropriate mitigations are put in place before any activity is undertaken
  • Ensure that the organisation has appropriate processes in place to allow the organisation  to take an accurate record of all attendees at each session in line with Scottish Government Test & Protect guidance
  • Keep up to date with ongoing Scottish Government and SGB advice and guidance relating to COVID-19
  • Ensure there is awareness of your organisation’s COVID-19 protocols and encourage members and participants to take individual responsibility
  • No changing facilities will be provided.

Personal preparation

  • Do not attend if anyone in your family group has symptoms of COVID-19
  • Bring hand santiser
  • Turn up ready for activity as much as possible (there will be no changing facilities)
  • Avoid sharing transport with others from outside your family
  • No physical contact when greeting someone else

Sport Scotland guidance (18/09/2020)

Sections 18, 19 & 20:

18. Adults and children can take part in organised outdoor non-contact and contact
sports training, competition or events if guidance within this document is

Outdoor sporting bubbles for training, competition or small-scale events

19. An outdoor sporting ‘field of play bubble’ can consist of a maximum of 30 people
including coaches, officials and other support staff at any one time. In
exceptional circumstances, numbers may be increased, but only if approved
directly by Scottish Government or where specific Scottish Governing Bodies of
sport (SGBs) guidance and mitigating actions have been agreed by

20. Multiple outdoor sporting bubbles, each with up to 30 people, can be used in
training, competition or small-scale sporting events. In such cases facility
operators, organisers and deliverers should undertake comprehensive risk
assessment to ensure that these bubbles do not mix at any time including
before, during or after the activity.


COVID-19 actions  
GENERAL 1.       All equipment sanitised before use

2.       Physical distancing maintained before all activities and during if permitted by guidance

3.       All contact details collected

Archery Dev NA
Bushcraft 1:10 participants maximum

2:16 where instructor has an assistant

Coasteering 1:8 NA
Gorge Scrambling 1:8 Consideration if physical assistance is required at obstacles


John Muir Field Activities 1:12 NA
Mapland Alba No maximum ratio but usually dictated by the venue or host’s own rules. Not permitted indoors until schools permit third parties
Mountain Biking 1:8 NA
Mountain Walking & DofE 1:12

DofE 1:7


·         No use of group shelter unless required due to safety considerations

·         Depending on guidance at time, overnight accommodation can be single tents, hammocks or bivis, after further training given.

·         Cooking equipment & utensils particular to individuals (stove sharing permitted but not pots)

National Navigation Award Scheme 1:20 participants maximum in controlled areas 1.       Cleaning of cards before use

2.       Clean all controls

3.       Course set to avoid numbers converging on one control at the same time

Nightline 1:12 Not permitted
Nordic Skiing Dev NA
Orienteering 1:20 participants maximum As per NNAS
Raft building 2:12 NA
Road Cycling 1:8 NA
Single pitch climbing & abseiling 1:6 Avoid continual use of same equipment if possible

Wipe figure of 8s and krabs if used more than once

Skiing on piste 1:10


Stand-up Paddle Boarding Sheltered water – 1:8

Exposed water – 1:6

Consideration if physical assistance is required to get back on the boards


Team Challenges 1:12 Avoidance of games where close contact is required
Tyrolean Traverse 1:6 NA
White Water Tubing 1:6 or 2:10 NA