To ensure that all staff and freelancers follow Spòrs Gàidhlig SOPS, ensure client safety and maintain quality, an induction procedure will be used. Site-specific induction may be required for certain activities and will be offered when new staff engage with the organisation. The induction procedure will cover the following areas:

  1. Spòrs Gàidhlig – About Us
    1. Objectives
    2. Key client groups and target areas
    3. History
    4. Structure
    5. Developments; past and future
  2. Gaelic – Language
    1. Fluent speakers
    2. Learners
    3. No Gaelic
    4. Gaelic speaking staff
    5. Non-Gaelic speaking staff
  3. Spòrs Gàidhlig activities
    1. Range of activities
    2. Geographical range
  4. Staffing and associate staff
    1. Maintenance of up to date records
    2. Pay structure
    3. Use of Gaelic
  5. Safety management and SOPS
  6. Venue Guide
  7. Equipment
    1. Location and storage
    2. Marking and identification
    3. Out of use procedure

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